what our clients say

The best thing about Future Perfect’s Financial Life Planning process is the end result: the clarity; the confidence that we are sensible and doing the right things; the knowledge that my life goals are attainable and within my grasp.  That is a nice feeling.

ML, senior partner at Big Four accountancy firm, Kent

Nick has been advising me and my wife for over 27 years. One reason for a near lifetime’s relationship with Nick, over and above the comprehensive services that Future Perfect provides, is that I trust him implicitly and I am entirely confident he has my, and my family’s, very best interests at heart.  More so than with most other professional relationships I have, Nick has a genuine interest in and deep understanding of our personal circumstances and, as a result, has consistently given intelligent and sound counsel over many years.

AW, MD of PR Company, London

Future Perfect’s Investment Advice Service feels like a smarter way to invest, without getting caught up in chasing hot funds or being bamboozled by new schemes. This is clear, transparent and understandable.

NT, Telecoms Analyst, London

The best things about Future Perfect’s Financial Life Planning Service is that for the first time we discussed and agreed our life goals. The process showed that we could afford to achieve what we wanted in life and we could have confidence in that due to the detailed analysis. Our meetings with Nick were at home, which made things easier and more relaxed too.

RH, senior partner at Big Four accountancy firm, Surrey

Future Perfect’s approach is logical and de-jargoned/in plain English. The process is thought provoking and challenging in a good way and made us think longer term, in the context of what is really important to us.

ND, managing partner of major media company, Surrey

Future Perfect’s Financial Life Planning Service makes you focus on what you want from life and makes the finances work towards that, rather than the other way round. It also caused us to discuss money in detail as a couple, which was valuable and interesting. Not cheap, but of high value to us.

TM, senior partner at Big Four accountancy firm, London

Investing our money using Future Perfect’s well thought out Investment Advice Service has taken away the angst and stress in respect of our investments. Before our portfolio was littered with exotic investments and I was constantly looking at the FTSE. I didn’t realise how draining carrying all the responsibility for our investments and financial future was. I can now relax. For the last six years, even during the financial crisis of 2008, our investments have produced good, steady returns.

GM, spouse of senior partner at Big Four accountancy firm, Bedfordshire

Future Perfect’s Financial Life Planning process was time and money well spent and has given us much greater clarity on where we are and where we are going from a financial perspective. It makes you think through your financial journey and also gives some comfort around what happens if there is an unexpected shift in your financial position.

GT , senior partner at Big Four accountancy firm, Worcestershire

Future Perfect’s Financial Life Planning process has been really worthwhile. It has provided a great deal of focus on how to get the most out of and enjoy the rest of our lives. We’ve got something there, in black and white, with our goals and what we need to do. Knowing also that it is a flexible beast and will be reviewed annually gives great comfort. We’ve now got a plan – and are determined to see it through.

Senior partner at Big Four accountancy firm