investment advice service

Many of our clients tell us that, although they understand the basics of investment, they are unsure about their ability to make the best investment decisions for themselves.

The aim of this service is to:

  • build your understanding of investments so that you can make informed decisions about the correct level of investment risk for you
  • invest in straight forward and fairly priced investments
  • ensure your investments are organised as tax efficiently as possible
  • enable you to have a successful investment experience.


your investment goals

Your Financial Life Plan, with your life goals at its heart, will show when you’ll need to draw down on your investments in the future.  Knowing how much is needed and when helps us determine:

  • your investment timescale
  • how much you need to invest
  • what investment return you need


how much investment risk to take

How comfortable you are with investment risk is an inherent personality trait and our psychometric test helps us determine the risk profile of each half of a couple. There may well be some differences between you; that’s normal.  Your risk profiles are an important influence on our recommendations to you.

For example, what proportion of your overall investments you put in the stock market depends on your risk profile.  It’s one of the most important decisions you will make as it’s a main driver of the investment return you can expect.

We diversify your portfolio across different assets so that whatever lies ahead – inflation, deflation, markets soaring, markets not soaring – your exposure is spread wide enough to cope when markets are tough.

We will recommend a range of investments for your portfolio that suit your risk profile and the return you need to meet your life goals.



You probably have pensions and investments with a number of different providers.  We will analyse each one in detail and advise what is best for you.

As the cost of our Investment Advice Service is low, we are usually able to recommend a transfer to an investment platform.  This helps to simplify things by putting everything in one place and with on-line access too.

You want your money to be managed exceptionally well, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.  We always seek the least complex option and aim for elegant, simple and understandable financial solutions.


our investment approach

We favour the use of low cost ‘passive’ investments with transparent charging structures and no tie ins.  We avoid complex investments in which the risks and charges are not clear.

The design of our investment portfolios is based upon principles, which have been academically proven and stood the test of time.  There’s more about our investment approach in this thought.

And, we’ll structure your investments to ensure they’re as tax efficient as possible too.


annual investment meeting

At your Annual Investment Meeting we’ll review how your investments are doing and what, if anything, needs to be adjusted to keep you on track to achieve your life goals.

In between times, we’ll always be there to help, act as a sounding board or to answer your questions.