financial life planning service

The aim of this service is for you to:

  • live the life you want and never run out of money.
  • be financially well organised, in control of your finances and less stressed by money matters.
  • feel confident that you are making informed life & financial decisions that will benefit you, now and in the future.


what are your life goals?

What would a life well-lived look like for you? You may have a clear idea or, like many, you may be so caught up with work and day to day living that you haven’t had a chance to think about it too much.

A main life goal for lots of clients  is to be financial independent (for work to be optional because your investments/pensions can provide enough income for the rest of your life), but there are usually other goals too.

This is a really enjoyable part of our process, which helps you visualise the life you want, both now and in the future, and also articulate and prioritise your life goals.


where are you now?

You’ve probably bought financial products and investments in the past and have a nagging doubt about whether they’re enough or even the right thing.

We collect information about all your pensions, investments, savings, insurance and also your income and expenditure and any loans.

This gives us a clear picture of your overall position and whether your financial products/investments are right for you.


seeing into your future

Using your current position and agreed assumptions about how things may change in the future, we model your financial future using cash flow forecasting software.

This will provide you with an overview of your life, enabling you to see how each element of your finances fits into your overall situation, not just now, but also in future years.


evaluating your options

The cashflow forecast will give you a completely new perspective on your life.

For the first time you will be able to see the short and long term impact an individual decision (e.g. buying a bigger house) has on your other life goals (e.g. when you can stop work).

You can review different scenarios…stopping work earlier, starting your own business, finding your dream house at 20% over budget.  You will see instantly the impact of these decisions on your family’s life long financial position.

If the financial future you see isn’t as you’d like, we can explore with you ways to make it so.

Also you’ll have peace of mind knowing that, if you became ill or worse, your family would be financially secure as we model scenarios that cover that too.

Whatever dilemmas, choices and options you have, we can help you make informed decisions about your life.


staying on track

You now have a plan, but we need to adjust it to take into account changes in your life and the world.  Where possible, we’ll anticipate changes and adjust your financial arrangements accordingly.

Each year we’ll update all your information for our Annual Planning Meeting.  We’ll re-look at where you are and what needs to be done to ensure you stay on track to maintain your desired lifestyle and meet those longer term life goals.

In between times, we’ll always be there to help, act as a sounding board or to answer your questions.