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Here is a selection of our favourite books. HOW TO ARRANGE THE BOOKS AS A GALLERY?????

Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleAC2

One of the most influential ‘self help’ books ever written.  Recommended even if you’re sceptical about this type of book more 

Silver Spoon KidsCA

Are you worried about how your wealth may effect your children? more 

Seven Stages of Money MaturityC

A book about developing a sense of ease in your money life more

Smarter InvestingC

This is a UK book which is well written and presents, we think, an irresistible logic for passive investing more

Authentic HappinessAC

There really are different types of happiness and this book is about achieve authentic, long-lasting happiness more 

Winning the Losers GameAC

First published in 1998 and now on its XXx edition, an good introduction to the essentials of investing more OR RANDOM WALK DOWN WALL STREET (NOT MANY REVIEWS ON AMAZON)

Outliers UK 4 AC

To be Done more